About Jusplay

Founded in Jan'2018, Gurgaon based friends discussed the idea of bringing entertainment to masses at anytime, anywhere with ease. As a result, we thought of launching first ever Mobile TV interactive channel for games and shows. The first program is nothing better than launching a Live Trivia show where users can engage in interactive live show and win real money by answering 11 simple questions. This is first show and soon there will be more shows on JusPlay Mobile channel. Interesting concept of buy Premium Lifeline to save Elimination once on wrong answer also introduced to make it more exciting.

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How to play

  • 3. One wrong answer and you are out of game

    If you tap on incorrect answer then you will be eliminated unless you have lifeline. Two lifelines can be used per show.

  • 4. Lifeline

    Invite friend to get Life Line. Life Line can be used once in a Game. If you answer wrong and have life line, then automatically will be used. Lifeline can't be used in First and Last Question.

  • 5. Premium Lifeline

    Premium lifeline can be purchased from Internet Banking/Debit Card/Credit Card/JusPlay Wallet. Price of Premium Lifelines 2, 5 and 20 is Rs. 10, 20 and 50 respectively. One Premium Lifeine can be used can be used per game.

  • 6. Answer all questions right to win

    If more than 1 participant make it to end, then split the prize.

  • 7. Cash out with PayTM wallet

    Your winning price will be reflected in your account which can be redeemed in your PayTM account at any time.

  • 8. If no one wins

    No worries, if everyone gets eliminated the prize rolls over to next game.

  • 1. First, Join a live game

    JusPlay team will send push notifications at start of game. Don't be late otherwise you will be able to watch only.

  • 2. Understand questions fast and answer

    Tap the answer you think is correct as you have only 10 sec to answer.

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Winners of Jusplay

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  • Sonu

  • Mr. प्रधान

  • Veer

  • Ashish Deopa

  • Vicky

  • punam

  • kunal

  • nishtha

  • Fighter AB

  • Mayank Kumar Gautam

  • parsi

  • chauhan3132

  • vinay

  • Arun Kumar

  • abhi

  • Rk

  • dileep kumar

  • Joseph

  • Mayank Agrawal

  • Udit Choudhary

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