What is JusPlay?

JusPlay is a live trivia show app with cash prizes. The game will be live daily at defined timeslots and will be hosted by acclaimed anchor. You need to answer all questions right to win money. It is very simple to earn.

How much does it cost?

JusPlay app and participation in trivia quiz is free. Download today from Google Play Store.

Is there way to continue game after wrong answer?

Yes, one lifeline can be used per game and you to earn lifelines by inviting your friends by using your referral code.

What if many people attempts all correct questions?

The prize money will be divided equally between all winners.

How do you play?

To learn how to play JusPlay, please check out How to Play and read the Rules.

Why does JusPlay require a phone number to sign up?

We require phone numbers to verify and protect accounts. We need to keep accounts safe.

Where does the money come from?

The prizes are sponsored by beamnext technologies private limited and in talks with other sponsors.

My friend joined using my referral code but I haven't received an Extra Life.

Confirm with your friend they used your referral code and spelled it correctly at signup. You will receive an Extra Life when they play their first game.

Where can I submit trivia questions to be used in games?

We are happy to receive your question ideas and we will consider every submission. Please check out our about section to submit questions.

I am having a problem processing a cash out. What should I do?

Contact with your username and we will be glad to investigate your issue.

Can I change my username?

You can change it from Edit Profile.

What about iOS version?

JusPlay will be available on iOS very soon.

I would like to send feedback or suggest a feature. Who do I contact?

We are glad to receive more ideas, Email or tweet us @jusplaylive or Messge us on Facebook page @jusplaylive.

I am a reporter writing an article about JusPlay, who can I contact with media inquiries?

Nice! We love getting positive feedback from reporters. Please reach out to for more info.

Where can I find out more information about JusPlay Terms of Service?

Read our Terms of Service and the Rules for more information.

How do I submit a complaint about copyright, impersonation, trademark, or other Terms of Service issues?

Review our Terms of Service section to find out what constitutes a violation, and how to go about fixing a related problem.

Having other trouble?

Contact with any issues having with the service.

Is that real money?

Yes. The amount will be added to your balance and can be redeemed through PayTM account. No minimum limit to cash out your winning money.

When the wallet balance is deducted automatically ?

If you don't visit/open JusPlay for at-least once with in continuous 30 days, then your wallet balance will be reduced to zero automatically.